026 :: Miller

Shall I tell you our duties for today. (Peter)

Yes. Please. (Naomi)

We have to tidy the bedrooms. Clean the bathrooms.  Vacuum the carpets.  It usually takes me two hours.  Then later we will cook supper.  Lasagna. (Peter)

Naomi held up her hand.  Peter stopped talking. Naomi worked out her sentence.

We work together. (Naomi)

Sure. (Peter)

They might ask for us in the evening.  They might want sex.  There are no guests today.  No entertaining.  Not like last night. (Peter)

Peter picked up the plates.  He washed them.  He washed the pan.  He wiped down the counter.

Who is Miller. (Naomi)

Peter shook his head.  He dried the cutlery.  Put it away.

They said Miller last night. (Naomi)

Peter shook his head again.  He dried the plates.  Put them away,

They were all strange. (Naomi)

We will do the garden first. (Peter)

Peter walked away.  He put on a kimono at the back door.  It was a cool day.  Naomi watched him leavee.  He did not come back so she followed him.  She put on a kimono.  Peter led Naomi about the edge of the garden.  He pointed to the border plants.  He pulled out some weeds.  At the end of the garden they looked over the Thames.  Naomi stood for a long time.  Peter sat on a chair.  There is no sound recording at the end of the garden.  Only video from the house.  And the Skrolls.  Peter took out his Skroll.  He tapped on it while Naomi looked at the Thames.  Eventually he held his Skroll out for Naomi.  She read his words.  In Mandarin.

They are always watching.  It really is like an old spy movie.  If you know too much they will make you disappear.  Miller is one of them.  Never repeat his name again.  Miller is very dangerous.

Peter closed his Skroll.  They sat for a while at the bottom of the garden.  Watching the Thames.  Playing on their Skrolls.

Later they did thor tasks in near silence.  Naomi cleaned the bathrooms.  Peter vacuumed the carpets.  Naomi cleaned Diane’s room.  Peter cleaned John’s.  Naomi dusted the living room.  Peter made popcorn.  They watched an old film.  The testaments.  Subtitled.  They laughed.  They cried.  They clapped at the end.

They cooked together.  Peter chopped the onions.  Peppers.  Celery.  He showed her how to peel tomatoes.  She dipped her fingers in the hot water.  Squealed.  Peter held her hand under running cold water.  Their bodies did not touch.  They seemed comfortable in their space.  She kissed his cheek.  Peter diced the steak.  Finely.  The ragu simmered.  Naomi stirred the sauce.  Peter added the ingredients.  Only fresh ingredients.  Only natural ingredients.  They constructed four small lasagnas.  They put them in the oven.  They prepared salad.  They cleaned the counters.  The pots.  They waited for the masters.  Daine came home.  John did not.  They ate together at the breakfast bar.  In near silence.  They watched the news.  Diane commented.  Occasionally.  Peter responded in agreement.  Naomi said nothing.  They did not have subtitles.  

Diane went to her room.  

Peter showed Naomi how to take the speaker out of her ear.  To put it back in her Skroll to charge.  

You go down.  I will clean up. (Peter)

Peter cleaned.  Then he sat at the breakfast bar.  He opened his Skroll.

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