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Commission a graffiti style portrait or picture

The steps to be taken to commission a stencil graffiti style portrait or painting


Watercolour pencil sketches inspired by selfies posted on Twitter and Facebook

Greeting Cards

Stencil graffiti cards for sale on Etsy


A collection of commissioned stencil graffiti artworks.

StoryDots Illustrations

Artworks accompanying stories and anecdotes from


Paintings in which the subject is a person or a small group of people

Natural Still Life

They are always with us, no matter how much we change our environment nature adapts

the nude

to examine the human form is to find stories in the marks life has left on the skin

in the news

sketches and paintings with a political point inspired by the dailies

the social network

reflections on how the image is used in the social media, used and reused

Stencil Graffiti Artworks

A collection of works


original cards that can be posted


small quick works, sometimes posted on ebay when the fancy strikes

Some of the paintings in this section are intended for a mature audience.

Oil on Canvas
This gallery includes oil on canvas and other traditional media portraits of the artist's son.

[newborn] [newborn] [1 month] [3 months] [3 months] [10 months] [11 months] [12 months]

Sketches from ideas and thoughts

[this space is designed by the sunday supplement] [sunrise, 15 march 2003] [symbols of power, part 1] [what side is your apple] [symbols of power, part 24] [4] [this image was dressed by the style supplement] [pregnant sarah]

Neurotic Erotica
paintings mostly about sex

[self portrait] [kisstouch: blue] [the dancers] [self presenting self] [kisstouch: red] [kisstouch: green] [self portrait III] [self deception] [kisstouch: yellow] [kisstouch: turquoise] [kiss i] [blue glass] [kisstouch: lilac] [rape] [kisstouch: crimson] [observation] [man machine] [self with outline] [self as monkey] [attack] [kiss kill] [dying like nature] [in the memory of pornography]

Emotional Landscapes

[as i walk home i] [hampstead heath] [as i walk home ii] [sex 2] [portrait of catherine] [wine connoiseurs] [life still life] [still life] [!!RRRRG] [mary bell] [memory of a smile] [sex i] [object of desire] [trophy of samantha as a dying mermaid] [a blessing at battersea] [tv sex] [naak mit vuurwerk]

some of the animations are intended for a mature audience

[celebrating the future] [a visualisation of my orgasms: 5 chapters] [time: a short poem] [is this the life of the pond?] [purple bag: some things are just for fun] [bounce: i am astounded i forget the simplicities so often] [stairs: don't forget other joys] [Tuscan Toucan watches a blue movie] [Tuscan Toucan finds seasonal employment] [Tuscan Toucan test picture] [Tuscan Toucan inbetween jobs] [Drinker: it happens] [i got what i got] [Tuscan Toucan's first attempt at cartooning] [it is what it is, don't look at it if you won't] [there is nothing more than you see] [flower: a geometrically balanced abstraction]

a place for resting ideas

[the african art project] [baby portraits] [data protection] [dot line] [flowers] [another nude in history] [orgasms] [tuscan toucan: unemployed cartoon]

The Blue Team
A collection of interesting pages from the kernal of another good idea that didn't take off

A Little Cheer
A very short story

The Incredible Misadventures of the Amazing Rorchach Man
a distraction for a minute or 2

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