watercolour and ink on paper


Social media are forever asking where you get your news of current events, what influences your opinion, are you stuck within your very own echo chamber, do you take their truth as yours, or is your truth theirs in this post truth society. Yet, today there are still protests, and riots, and disorder, and refugees, and other migrants.

It just grabbed her
Images from the news of performers and audience collaged together

Strikes Will Increase
Protesters and images from the news

Stopped speaking and
Figures from the news embracing

Refuse to sit down
Putting protesters on their placards, how does that work?

Sustainable Nutrition
Collage of images from news 

The Principle of Human Dignity
Partially drawn figures with an abstract background inspired by emergency...

Planet Earth is big enough
Inspired by news images of poverty and overcrowding

Images of refugees collaged together 

A portrait of a woman carrying her two children from the news from Gaza

Weeks of Chaos
Images from the news include person and place

Rush to Judgment
A portrait collaging faces from current events 

Millions on the Move
Collage of an image of a protester with one of migrants.

A brief history of protest
Protesters from the news holding placards shown on other protesters placards.

Communications Outage
Figures from the news filled with patterns

St Sebastian Church
Two soldiers standing at the door of a church

Bisexual Lighting
From the news military figures and dancers collaged together.

Hunger and Hope
Collageing together images from the nrws

Hysteria is a Distraction
A collection of elderly people exercising in a public space collaged...

Hunted by Dogs on Cocaine
Collaging together images from news and sports

Safe and Effective
A collage of images from the news about politics and humanitarian aid.

Near the police station
On the one side there is the rioters and the flip side is the police, inspired by news...

Humanitarian Disaster
The children sit, as children do, and the watchers watch, as, sadly, they do too.

Plight of Migrants
Collage of images from the news, migrants, slums, police and other enforcement.

Hoping to get on a boat
Inspired by images of refugees in the news 

It's just you and memories
Inspired by images from Sudan in the news 

Driven out by decades of conflict
Inspired by various images of refugees and migrants in the news

Attacking Call
Sports figures from the news depicted with antelope heads and hooves 

Disrupting Festivals
Collage of protests and protesters in the news

I am not a robot
A collage of protest, migration and travel images from the news

Stung by Air
Inspired by images from the news of war and refugees 

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