For a few years I have been doing a #thedailysketch - drawing a simple picture daily that can be found in the galleries on this site as well as on social networks linked below with the name @julesartvan :: this part of the site is my workshop of ideas, it is as chaotic as my mind.

Like all artists I am attracted to other people's art.  I love the use of images and image on social media and the democratisation of art through social media.  And, of course, my response is to create quick disposable art and to do so in the form reflecting the use of the phone as a source but in traditional media of watercolour, ink or acrylic on paper.

Social media anonymises the artist through the reuse and reuse of art in posts and reposts particularly in emotive and motivational messages.  And so you will only find works of art I have created not myself.  I am not here, only my ideas are.

Storytelling is the most wonderful of thing.  Communicating through naratives that change our future by presenting our past and pasts so we can hold onto the vision of being better individuals.  

I hope in my own little way I can one day contribute to the storytelling that is our past and our future.

Contact me

You can contact me through joining this page and posting a reply, however I am quite slow on this site so perhaps it is better to contact me through social media on which I am @julesartvan

Instagram - I look at insta regularly, there is loads of great art to find.

Twitter - I am usually up to date with Twitter, there are some great art groups I keep up with.

Facebook - I view it occasionally, I am sure it is great and I post to pages there but haven't got into them.

DeviantArt - I post regularly and view art but am seldom social.

I can also be found on Tumblr, Pinterest and TikTok but if you reach out for me there you may wait a long time for a reply.

Join the storydots project, add stories, comments, annecdotes and other verbal doodles.

How it works
Storydots is a communal writing project connecting together individual pieces of writing called dots into a continuous and growing narative called stories

To start contributing: submit your email, then click on the link in the email to log in. When you are logged in, find a dot that interests you and add a contiunation or a response. You will then be given a selection of images, choose the one most suited to your dot.