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A naked male figure framed with discord, what a fine work of art.  But in this case the work is then taken by another (myself), put in a different medium, perhaps enhancing the eroticism, or the beauty, perhaps simply conveying what is there. 

It can be yours too, just send nudes.  The easiest way to send me your photo is through my social media (@julesartvan on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). And don't just send a photo, write a note about how you like my artwork and would like a nude of you.

The XXL Bag
A nude figure with fashion patterns and other words 

Moral Absolutism
A play on the concept of the aubergine emogi

A nude figure with fruit, not a sill life.

16 Days
A nude male figure looking to the left

Urged to show restraint
A naked figure with a technology background 

Corruption Commissioner
A nude figure examining the viewer in front of symbols 

Dead-eyed delegates look on
Nude mediative disproportional figure with pattern

Crazy not to reconsider
A nude figure slightly out of proportion 

Rising Tide of Sexual Assaults
A stylised crouching nude male figure

The Pleasures of Solitude
Watercolour and ink nude figure with wavey line background

Spend what it takes
Cropped nude figure with fists

Left our of Pocket
A squatting nude figure with elongated feet.

Claims he acted promptly
This nude highlights the natural form of the older man

Where will all the buses go
A nude figure with a night skyline

Source of Dark Matter
Truncated nude inspecting the viewer 

The Big Trees are Dying
A male nude figure with a small tree 

A Global Bogeyman
Disproportionate nude figure on a flight of stairs

Disorder Prevalent
This confrontational nude male figure is cut by the frame to focus the eye.

Utterly Surreal
A nude figure with a pattern cut by the frame

Warning over Data Privacy
The pose on this male nude figure implies some sort of collaboration with the viewer in...

Bears, otters and other words
A male nude figure in front of words

Changed Sexual Identity
The dynamism of this pose and the uncertainty in the eyes are exaggerated by the frame...

Taking your imagination to the gym
This nude figure disappears into the background and is trunkated.

Education on Consent
A nude figure with a colourful background 

Need to be better protected
A simple nude sketch where the face is hidden from the viewer.

We have ambitious plans
A nude figure with historical references

In an Anxious World
A distorted nude figure glares at the viewer

The nude, so prevalent through art history, concentrated on the female form, the naked...