029 :: Reflection and Revelation

Naomi opened her Skroll.  She tapped on her image.  Scrolled back to her licking Diane with her arse in the air.  She paused.  Went to the basin.  Drank water.  Gargled.  Spat.  Back to her Skroll.  She changed the camera to view Diane from above.  She read the subtitles.

Faster.  Please.  Faster. (Diane)

Naomi stopped the playback.  She slipped the speaker into her ear.  Tapped the Skroll.  She closed her eyes for a moment.  She spoke in English.

Faster.  Faster.  Faster. (Naomi)

She started the playback again.

I bet she will go faster if I stick my cock in her. (John)

Do it.  Do it now. (Diane)

Push down to make her come closer to me. (John)

Jesus she is wet.  She must enjoy your jilly. (John)

I am ready for you big man. (Diane)

Good morning my love. (John)

Naomi watched as her place was taken by John.  She watched herself leave the room.  The playback stopped. 

Fucking cunt. (Naomi)

English. (Peter)

She looked up.  Shocked.  She had not heard him enter the room.  She tapped her Skroll. 

Blast. (Naomi)

Peter shrugged.  Naomi tapped her Skroll.  Peter waited. 

Broken.  Why.  I not see John sexing Diane. (Naomi)

You are new.  It does not trust you yet.  Look at the camera with me. (Peter)

They both looked above the door.  The video started playing.  They watched it together.  It did not last long.  John fucked Diane.  Grunted.  Kissed Diane.  Got up.  Left.

It will not be long before you can access all playback. Maybe a week. May I. (Peter)

Naomi nodded.  Peter took her Skroll.  She shifted over on the bed.  Peter lay next to her.  He scrolled back to Naomi walking into the room.  They watched it together.

That was good.  Her nipples are sensitive. (Peter)

They watched until Diane spoke. 

She likes it rough.  Hard.  Fast. (Peter)

Naomi spoke in English. 

Faster. (Naomi) 

She flicked her tongue in and out.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.  Peter laughed.  They watched John walk behind Naomi.  Peter changed the camera.  They watched his face as he lined up his cock like a boy with a new toy.  A naughty boy with an illicit new toy.  They watched Naomi’s surprise.  They watched until John pushed Naomi aside.

How do you feel. (Peter)

Naomi turned away.  Pulled the duvet over her.  She did not try to talk in English.

Sad.  Maybe.  Something feels wrong.  Not bad.  Not evil.  More strange. (Naomi)

You did a very good job.  Brilliant.  Did you see how jealous Diane was when John fucked you. (Peter)

No.  Maybe. (Naomi)

Are you worried.  You will not get pregnant.  You had a jab.  We are all tested.  Full health scans on our waste.  Daily. (Peter)

No.  It just.  Well.  I like it.  I like John fucking me.  It strange touching Diane.  It fine.  I do it again.  It felt like a job.  Like cleaning.  Or cooking.  Her fanny tasted funny.  Not bad.  I do it again.  Like taking down laundry.  It was job.  Like Tianjin.  Like yesterday.  Day before.  I lie still.  People touch me.  When food finished I finished.  When John fucking me I think this is nice.  But then he say goodbye.  And he give Diane orgasm.  (Naomi)

Naomi did not look at Peter.  Peter turned to the Skroll.  He scrolled the playback.  He changed the camera.  He zoomed in on John.  Standing at the door.  Drinking coffee.  Playing with his cock.

I like his cock.  There I said it.  It is supposed to be a job.  I am supposed to be a professional but I like his cock.  I like to watch him play with it.  I like to play with his cock.  I like to suck it.  When you say you like him fucking you I know because his cock is a little magical.  One day he fucked me while I fucked Diane.  I was his cock.  It was magical.  I am always ready for him to fuck me again.  Even when I am fucking Diane I pretend I have his cock.  Like.  Literally.  That I have detached my cock and attached his.  (Peter)

Peter paused.  Glanced at Naomi.

What I am saying is this.  We have a strange job.  No matter what you read before they cannot prepare you for it.  There is no way of knowing how you will feel.  You have to put your heart into it for it to be good.  They have to feel your lust.  They have to feel your passion.  Then the feelings are strange.  Like maybe I am a little fixated on John’s cock.  Like maybe your disappointment when John put his cock in Diane is normal. (Peter)

Peter paused.  Naomi was silent.

Look.  What I am saying is that anything is okay.  Things that may have been strange before are normal.  For me feeding the weird thoughts keeps it exciting.  And that is what we have to be.  That is all our job is really.  To excite.  To be exciting. (Peter)

Peter played with the playback.  He scrolled back to when John came into the room.   Cock in hand. 

When I first had sex with them I came down here after.  I watched them fucking.  I wanked.  It was like my wank was a reward for a good job.  My best is to wank watching me make John come.  I always wank when I do not come upstairs.  You can do that too.  It is okay. (Peter)

They were silent.  The playback ended.

I like other things.  It came out all wrong.  I just wanted to say sometimes we do not feel what we think we should feel.  I did not mean to be a freak. (Peter)

No it okay.  We can watch the video of you making John come. (Naomi)

Peter nodded.  He closed Naomi’s Skroll.  He opened his.  His playlist of John’s cock.  Playlist number three.  He rolled onto his back.  Naomi rolled over too.

Ready. (Peter)

Yes. (Naomi)

Peter tapped play.  He held the screen in one hand.  He wanked with the other.  He glanced at Naomi.  She moved a hand down her body.  Touched her nipple.  Reached between her legs.  Peter looked back at the video.  Naomi watched quietly.  Motionless.  She watched the screen.  She watched Peter wank.  His hand moving faster.  His hand slowing down.

Oh.  I like this bit.  (Peter)

Naomi watched Peter sucking John’s cock.

He comes on my face.  Oh.  Yes.  I am going to come with him.  I am nearly there.  Hold this. (Peter)

Peter passed Naomi his Skroll.  He spun about onto his knees.  Jerking quickly.  His other hand went to his bum.  He stuck a finger in is arse.  

It is now.  It is now. (Peter)

John’s orgasm erupted a moment before Peter’s.  John came on Peter’s face.  Peter came on Naomi’s stomach and breasts.  Peter looked sheepishly at his cock.  

It fine.  I shower now. (Naomi)

Naomi passed him his Skroll.  She stood up.

Can I shower with speaker. (Naomi)

Peter looked at her confused.  She pointed to her ear.  He nodded.  He watched her step into the shower.  Then turned.  Lay on the bed. 

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