The Innkeeper and the Thief

Innkeeper had a lovely new coat which he hung on the back of his chair.

Thief sat next to him and let out a frightful yawn which ended in a wolf howl.

Innkeeper asked: Why do you howl so?

Thief said: I know not, however when I howl a third time I turn into a man-eating wolf.

This said she let out another frightful yawn-howl.

Please, begged Thief, hold my clothes so I don't tear them when i change.

Oh no, Innkeeper laughed nervously.

As she stuffed her clothes into a bag Thief let out a third frightful yawn-howl.

OH NO, shrieked Innkeeper as he scarpered.

Thief laughted, donned her lovely new coat, picked up her bag and left.

Her lovely new coat
A nude figure wearing a coat with a howling wolf head

Short graphic stories based on ideas in Aesop's fables often keeping the animal heads...