I regularly post original works of art for sale on Etsy. These are simple ideas that allows me to get a response directly from art collectors and allows me to deliver #affordableart.

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Two Beautiful and other words Distracted in Pretty Red Dress Please Post Me a Letter from this House Seaside Selfies Man in Jeans Young Afro American and other words Sensual Girl and other words Angry Freak Waiting and other words A Chance and other words Because I Thought and other words Volatile Expression and other words Tiger Frame Philanthropic Presentation Trending Desire Questioned Presentation Leaving Informed Leaving Weary Lets Make London Warm Even Better than the Real Thing 4 Even Better than the Real Thing 3 Even Better than the Real Thing 2 Even Better than the Real Thing Twin Red Flowers African Pattern Robe Paisley Cannonball Flower Paisley Kiss in five colours Paisley Kiss in four styles This Naked Mouse Triangular Triangulation Monkey Branching The Premium Waiting for the Sign This Leap Look Me in the Eye Embarkation The Stand Fraternising with Frederick Clothes Hanging off her Body Plenty More Fish in the Sea Why Do You Come It Feels like a Prayer Trash Panda My Beautiful Gorgeous Lace and other words Be the Person The Advance Three Owls Three Foxes More than a Wine Stain Drawing Circles and other words The Distraction Supremacy and other words Three Migrants and other words Floral Arrangement All Humans are just Greedy and other words

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art on eBay
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