I regularly post original works of art for sale on Etsy. These are simple ideas that allows me to get a response directly from art collectors and allows me to deliver #affordableart.

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Precautionary Discombobulated Asunder Summons Pardoned Attentiveness Deviation Scrutinised Suspicion Disconnected Watchfulness Consequential Concernation Observations Disbelief Patience Misdirection Offerings Awkward Jocundity Reconsideration Contradiction Longing Consideration Discontentment Dependency Expectation Permission Disruption Goodbye Watching TV with a Friend Butterfly Couple Sweet Something Impolite Obsession Contrition Anticipation Bad Apple Within the Outlines The Giant Leap Small Green Plant Dieffenbachia Potplant This and That The Three Graces MMXX Love on Monkey Island Tod of the Leash Distracted Disadvantaged Some Cats Prefer Birds The Vixen of the Skulk Mixed Gender Facilities Cats are Visual Hunters Double Nude with Flower The Clutch Bag Popular Porn Searches Existential Aspirations Existential Discombobulation Existential Discouragement Actual Size Fight to Win Self not Selfie Visceral Cloister Vicarious Existence Naked in her Purse My Little Cabbage New Year New You In Two Parts Bare Chested Sweetness Mi Cielito Lust for Life Violet Bird with Shapes Still Waiting A Token of Your Memory In Mind of Two Men Hanging all the Way Always and other words Silly Rabbit Sunshine Ready You Are Nothing The Welcome Party The Younger Memnon A Body was Found Pale Blue Eyes Maze/Amaze How to Eat To Heads or Tails When You Smile I Am Undone Still Life with Sliced Fruit & Pornstars Nymphs and Satyr XIX Above and Below Pastoral Concert XIX Venus and her Mirror XIX Venus and Adonis XIX Ample Detoxifixion Cupid and Psyche XIX Diana and Actaeon XIX The Birth of Venus XIX A Gap Open to a Hoard of Questions My Breasts Were Swelling Portrait of an Officer A Cold Blooded Killer Even Better than the Real Thing 2 Paisley Kiss in five colours Triangular The Premium This Leap GNRRK Embarkation Fraternising with Frederick Why Do You Come It Feels like a Prayer Fearing you want so much more The Advance Please Do Not Ask My Ethel with Symbols I Need Poetry Not the Original Plan My Stupid and other words You Call Me Home Conversations and Instructions Routemasters and Accessible Cycling That Blue Dress What had to be done One Piece Swimsuit Next in Line and other symbols for You and other symbols The White Horse Come to Me and other symbols Emergence and Wallflowers Stepping Out and Wallflowers The Last Chance and other words Have You Ever and other words The Fishes that Swim in the Sea Tra La Stripped to Convince and other words Black Bird Song My Fist and other words Misunderstand and other words Going Outside and other words The Rules of Date Night Silent Scream and other words Looking Dark and other words In the Kitchen and other words It was said and other words Judgement of Paris and other words Shot in the Street and other words Straw Hat and other words Handcuffs and other words The End and other words Standing Nude and other words Blue Flower and other words Yeah Beautiful Man and other words Diana and Actaeon and other words Sunbathing and other words Refugees and other words Tender Love and other words Lovers and other words Lips and Stars and other words Beach Boys and other words Cold Sun and other words Respect and other words Protest and other words Lamentations and other words Migrant 40 and other words A Wonderful Bathing and other words Riot Double nude cock Your Sign and other words True Depiction and other words My Collection and other words I Think of You and other words Spilled Coffee and other words Away You Great Villain and other words Musth and other symbols

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art on eBay
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