I regularly post original works of art for sale on eBay. These are simple ideas that allows me to get a response directly from art collectors and allows me to deliver #affordableart.

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The New Dubiety Discordant The Viridescient Enunciation Lockdown Exercise Rules Dolorous Diversion Repetitive Resolve A Bowl of Disquiet Mob Pattern Bumptious Deportment Garbled Censure Melancholic Doldrums Mightier than the Sword Distraction in Red Easter XXI Discerning Offering Body and Mind Familiarity and Contempt Social Bubble Something I Said Waiting for a Change Dithering Prognostic Confounded Nuisance Apprehensive Awakening Out of Sight Today is Foreign Messages and Moments Three Graces XXI Lioness Watching the Defective Fulminations Playing to the Gallery Departures Our Man in Beirut Bean Salad Picnic A Small Book Shelf New School Rule Neglected Preoccupation Imagined Impediment Cool Waters Blue Waters Transient Terminal Contradictory Conflux Maladjusted Scrutiny Watching Jack Deflated Disposition Divergent Dictate Misshapen Yarn Disfigured Presumption Institutional Lunch Break Disapproval Rain Cloud Guarded People Wearing Face Masks Align and Await A Woman and other words Birds and Balance A Bus Passanger International Arrival As Animals and other words Trains to Depart Awaiting Amused Extra Cash and other words Delay Vaccination and other words Protest Nightingale Hospitals Older Aged Groups and other words Death and other words Half-Friends Visit Despite Concern Ovid Hotel Quaranti Higher Among Low Paid Workers Incomes and Health Pandemic One Year Faces Big Decision On On Heels of Flooding May Have Stopped Falling This is not Freedom Barbed Wire -This is not Freedom Fears of Insider Attack Nowhere Near Lifting To Be Sent Home Exercise Opens in Bristol Stadium Leading to Four Year Wait Francis Barber New Daily High Sexy in a Virus Mask Leave the Sea Behind In the Garden 24 Hours 57 000 In the Eye New You Wax Print Reach Out Social Maladroit The Fine Print Fragmentary Release Advance and Depart Something Missing The Long Day Stepping Out Just Gone Engulfed Reaching Out Reaching In Hormonal Melancholia Signs and Sighs Waiting and Witness Hands Face Space Coronavirus Man As it should be 24 Hours Scientific Adv Yes You Back Hawk-eyed Hari Disconcerted Dance Distressed Ruff Desperate Perturbation Woebegone William Disgruntled Distraction Looking Up The Brightest Clouds and other words Up A Real Fully and other words That Type of Man Wait too Long Can Anyone Tell Cityman Big Ben Precarious Readiness Volatile Prolepsis Oblational Nymph Head of an Oba With These Hands Forward Thinking Contemplating Escapades Second Hand Electric Drill 1 Summer Dress Postulation An Autumn Breeze After Fine Feathers I Watch You and other words Volatile Expression and other words Remember the Straw Hat Blue Dream Joan in Paisley Armour Toxic Misogynist Translation At The Altar of Your Song Plenty Fish in the Sea Not This Three Owls Not Fairytale Do Not Ask and other words Sometimes I Do Stupid Things She was suddenly aware of the dress code The Lore of the Jungle Selika Meerkats on Mars and other words One Piece Swimsuit The Conversation and other symbols Swim With Me This Way and another symbol My Body Aches for Her and other words The Swimsuit Issue and other words The Last Chance and other words We are all Foreign Scum Love Cat and other symbols Leda and the Swirls Kindness and other words This Moment and other words So This Is The Moment and other words Kissing You and other words Swinging and other words Memory of Beauty and other words Skinny-dipping and other words Belonging and other words Aquarius and other words Move and other words Diving In Again and Just Thinking and other words Things You Do and other words Misunderstanding and other words Back and other words In the Room and other words Judgement of Paris and other words Paulette and other words Nude Circus and other words Sybarite and other words Topless and other words Diana and Actaeon and other words Bare Breasted Blond Woman and other words Anger and other words Drawn Parts Alone and other words Nude Couple and other words 109 and other words Naked in public and other words Judgement of Paris and other words Barriers and other words One wish Roller Coaster and other words Birth of Venus and other words Awkward Riot Try before you trust Do not trust flatterers Double nude Maybe face Change woman leather Sunbathing Can you hear me now library Not Like This and other words The Word and other words Find the eyes

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